By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Active rest...

Reader, you might have noticed that I've been writing rather a lot of late. This is due (mainly) to the fact that I seem to have completely lost the ability to fall asleep at a normal time, and when I do, I get awoken by nightmares so need something to do to wear me out. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY BRAIN. I'm good at sleep! Like, really good at it! Usually I can fall asleep whenever and wherever. On trains at 2 pm, uncomfy plane seats at 7 am, cars full of loud music, sofas in living rooms full of people. I like sleep! And I am exceptionally tired at the moment because of the change in seasons. But my head bubbles over. Here is a list of things that my brain likes to think just as I turn out the light and lay down:


  • Hey. Hey Ash. Hey Ash-never mind.
  • Oh man, I lost the game!
  • I should get more socks
  • I'm going to start eating healthily tomorrow.
  • Do we have enough soup in the house?
  • Who am I kidding, there's always enough soup in the house. I'm a soup hoarder! Hah. Soup whore.
  • Mmmm, mushroom soup. Where is all the mushroom soup? Why can I never get it fresh? It's the best of all the soups. The Lord of Soupiness.
  • If I have a kid, I'll definitely call it Dauphinoise. Hah. Potato head. Or Gratina. Or Chippadee. Man I'm craving spuds. 
  • Chill woman. Probably just pipes.
  • Does anyone actually live in the flat next door? I never hear them if they do.
  • Man, sleeping alone is pants. I need someone to spoon with. Maybe I should just make a pillow man? 
  • This pillow man is creeping me out. What if he came to life?
  • Ok. Sleeping with no pillows. Not so fun.
  • ALIENS oh no, hang on, that's just the Sky box
  • Are there any single men left in the world who I'll be attracted to? Will I ever fall in love again?
  • Shape up woman. You don't need a man! Tomorrow morning, we will go jogging.
  • Hah. 
  • Yeah right. Tomorrow morning is going to be cold as ASS. We will stay in bed. Especially considering it' crap, is it seriously that late?
  • Candy crush will help me sleep
  • Aw man, out of lives. 
  • I will not ask my facebook friends. I do not need to play more of this inane game.
  • Damn, I really want to though.
  • No! No, I shall read more Cracked articles till I doze off. 
  • No more zombie articles for me. 
  • I should move my bed so that if there was a zombie 'pocalipse I'd be able to shunt it against my door
  • Ooh I should move my room about
  • I really need to get more acting work. 
  • I know, I'll audition for the Star Wars film!
  • Although they want someone who looks 18
  • I could totally get away with being 18!
  • Or could I. Hum. Maybe I'll just put on some of that anti aging gunk again.
  • Did I brush my teeth yet? 
  • No.
  • Wait, Yes! I did! Because I laughed at the vampire style toothpaste drips!
  • Man I'm cool.
  • I could read my book
  • Wait....bollocks, I'm reading an intellectual one at the mo. Sod that.
  • Although it might make me sleep?
  • Nah.
  • Incense! 
  • I'm going to write a novel!
  • After I finish my feature.
  • That's going to take sooooo long. Like, years. 
  • Bleh.
  • When's my next day off? Oh, not for weeks. Good. 
  • Being freelance is hard. I should get a 9-5 job and give up on this acting malarkey
  • HAH who am I kidding! I just need to get paid more at the acting malarkey!
  • I could so do Star Wars. *makes light saber noises*
  • Ow my eye.
  • I have none of that coordination stuff
  • Housemate is asleep, else I could move my room around now-would it wake her up?
  • Ok, never mind, I'm pretty sure knocking that book off my bed just woke up the entire street
  • Man I have a lot of stuff on my bed
  • Then again, my bed is huge, there's room
  • Especially given that there's only me in it, aw shame! Why do I always just bunch up in one corner of it? 
  • Wow. Laying in the middle is WEIRD.
  • Mmmm, Neil's yard wild rose balm
  • I have too many products on but DAYMN I smell good!
  • Wait, did I take off my make up before I put all these products on? 
  • Oh crap, I look like a pantomime dame
  • Sod it. It'll deter murderers, they'll think I'm one of their own.
  • Not that there are murderers in the house. Are there?
  • Oh crap. The noise is back!
  • I should put up more pictures tomorrow
  • Need to order wellies for filming in December
  • Need to get the rest of the Christmas pressies too
  • HAHAHAHAH my godson's pressie is RIDICULOUS. Must remember to get him a birthday pressie too.
  • Maybe a costume. Ok, what have we got him so far....the Darth Vader one was cool...maybe a Captain Kirk one to even out the playing field? I don't want him to feel forced into loving Star Wars....although it's clearly the best choice. I feel like he should be educated on both sides.
  • Crap, my nails are a MESS! Must remember to do them before I go tomorrow
  • I should go on a holiday by myself. To New York! 
  • I have no money. 
  • How do I get blogging to get me money?
  • I should get people to pay me to write about stuff. Like...erm...boobs. And Books!
  • Oooh I could write a blog called Lasciviousness and literature! Or a vlog. Although given that name, it would probably have to be me nekkid doing book reviews. Little brother would be so horrified!
  • Now I REALLY want to do that!
  • Where's dad's camera? 
  • Will dad let me steal the camera?
  • Man I wish I could edit like Anna Akana and Katers17!
  • Didn't I learn how to do that in media studies at A-Level?
  • Man I wish I'd paid attention!
And it goes on and on until all of a sudden I wake up and BOOM it's daytime and I have suitcases under my eyes!

Ah well, let's give it another try eh?
Night night Reader!

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