By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Friday, 27 May 2011

Holiday in de sun...

Reader, I am so ready for a holiday. It has been about three years since I've been somewhere sunny and let that yummy yummy heat soak through to my bones. Even longer since I've been away with my family (4 years, 5 maybe?) Reader, I fear that I may have had my very last childhood holiday. Now, I do realise that I am 23 and this is surely old enough to be going on holidays myself (If I had the money that is, which I defo don't), but I didn't realise that my last family holiday would be, well, my last family holiday. If I had known, I would have relished it far more! You see Reader, my family holidays were like holidays written about in Enid Blyton novels, only with more boozing and less searching old shipwrecks for gypsy gold. Traditionally we'd rent a villa on one of the Spanish islands, close to the sea but near enough away from the tourists (snobs, us?) to avoid WKD and condom littered streets and afford us a little peace and quiet. We'd stay up late into the night drinking local liqueurs and eating tapas, then walk hope in the humid evening, slightly pissed and extremely rotund. I'd always wake up earlyish to have a swim in the morning without anyone else in it, then I'd lay by the pool with one of the 20 books me and mum would smuggle into the suitcases until lunch, when we'd feast upon local produce, breads and olives and cheeses and fight over the crisps. Afternoons would be blissfully spent by the pool or wandering round old cobbled towns searching for leather goods and the perfect place to have dinner that night. They were holidays that truly rested the soul, we'd come back a good stone heavier, but so chilled we could pass for rastas.

*Sigh* I miss those holidays. If a fairy wanted to wave their spangly wand and give me another one, or at least a lottery win so that I could afford to take my parents on one, I'd be much obliged.

In other news, I have an audition next week for a really interesting thriller project, fingers crossed for me eh chaps! I also have a job interview this week for a call centre job selling wine, which is ironic given that I don't actually drink the stuff...oh well, it pays more than my last job! What else has happened? Well, I visited my lovely mentor before her show in Leicester Square the other day which was great and then sent her links to my graduate film and the music video I recently did for my very talented Russian director friend and she gave me such amazing feedback that my head has genuinely swollen to about double it's size and my cheeks are constantly blushing with pride. I may print it out and frame it actually. I won't tell you what it said, because that would be boasting (what, because that whole paragraph wasn't? Shut up Ash...). Also, today I went to see two films. The Hangover II and POTC4. Both were unexpected delights, although I now have slight tunnel vision from too much cinema time. BLB is busy revising for his A levels and The Lad is gearing up for the Pokemon Tournament he's dragging me to in Birmingham (god help me). So all good really!

More blogs on their way, sorry for the lateness of this one, I've been seriously pooped of late
Bysie bye Reader!

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