By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Monday, 2 May 2011

Gig, chat ups, acting updates and upraisens.

Reader, last week I went to my Very Cool Cousin's (VCC) gig. VCC is in a band called 'We Are The Ocean' who were previously called 'Dead But Still Dreaming', which I thought was lovely and romantic but have since been told that was too emo. I am from the age of goth and grunge though, and very little is too emo for my liking. They used to be quite shouty which I tended to find a bit scary, and it made me ask old ladyish questions like 'why can't they just sing a nice song without that chap yelling all the time?' but I always very much enjoyed the music and the very well written lyrics. Their new album however, is far less shouty. In fact, it's all harmonious. And I can sing along to the songs. And they're so catchy that I keep finding myself singing them. In fact, so great is this album that they are now at #25 in the album charts, and last week they played the Electric Ballroom in Camden, which is a very groovy sort of place that my parents used to frequent when they were well'ard punks and you were allowed to smoke indoors. I was so proud Reader! VCC was fantastic and I kept hearing young girls swooning over him (which made me giggle because I remember when he had ginger hair and braces and wore a football kit every single day) and the place was PACKED! Plus, people got injured in the mosh pit AND on stage, which just goes to show how hardcore cool they really are. The only downside was that on the way home a man in a suit vommed everywhere and we had to keep our feet off the ground because puddles of it kept flowing our way. And our jumpers over our noses because it smelt so icky. But that wasn't really the band's fault.

And guess what Reader? At the gig I got chatted up! A bar man said he thought my freckles were lovely! And then an old bloke with a comb over told me I was the most beautiful girl in there! And another couple of boys turned all the way round in their chairs to check me and my Awesomely Fab Girl Cousin ( AFGC, sister of VCC) out. Yes, Reader, I do realise I am taken, but we old ladies like to get noticed sometimes. And I was the only girl in the joint wearing a proper dress (I was feeling chubster after all my easter eggs, so I got into my fave 50s dress, did my hair in a quiff and slapped on the red lippy) so I slightly felt like I deserved to get noticed. Especially since most of the time I'm more of an 'Awww' girl than a 'Phwooor' girl. I'm the one boys like to protect rather than flirt with. Apart from my boyfriend. He takes great amusement in pushing me off of furniture, which seems to be a thing that happens after a while in relationships. *le sigh*. I try pushing him off furniture, but for a slim boy, he is unnaturally strong. So instead I hide bits of rubbish in his room, mwa ha ha. Yes, I'm passive aggressive like that. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, flirting. I've sort of lost the knack of flirting anyway. I don't even notice it's happening any more, and when I do, I get all embarrassed and sort of charge through it like a rhino rugby player and shout insults at whoever's doing it. Y'know, in an affectionate sort of way. Not that it happens often. Apart from the odd yelled comment out of white van windows, which I can never hear properly and which always make me check my outfit to see if my skirt's tucked into my pants or I've forgotten to wear a top or something. *please note, these things rarely actually happen to me, although it is a constant fear*

Lots going on in the acting stakes Reader! I've been doing a few music videos here and there, a few short films and things are sort of quite nicely falling in my lap. None of it paid yet sadly which would be very useful since I still haven't managed to replace that part time job I got fired from during the week from hell (see earlier blog, I have no wish to re-live the experience by explaining it YET AGAIN). However, it is all tremendous fun and I'm getting to work with some rather lovely people. One of those is Richie Ashwin J, who does a lot of MC stuff and I'm in his next video as a featured extra, but he's very kindly asked me to be in his next 'mini video' please give his work a look, he's really rather good and his stuff is on YouTube and Itunes I believe! Am catering a short film for some friends this weekend coming (and not getting paid a penny! The things I do for art eh?) which will be fun, it's the biggest budget I've ever had to work with as a caterer, so I am very excited.  Although I am a complete nazi when it comes to catering (in that if everyone doesn't go home fatter and impressed, I will be in a sulk the next day) so there's a lot of work to do.
Right, for the sake of my word count, I have to do the next bit in another post, so see you there Reader!

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