By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Monday, 23 May 2011

Things that make me squee and things that make me pull a messy sort of face

Reader I was with a very lovely friend today (who by the way, put me to shame with her L33T hostess skills, she served honey roast cashews and olives and made me dinner and everything!) and I thought 'Yes. This is a thing I like a great deal. This makes me feel glowy and happy in my belly. I could do with more of this.' But in order to go and see said lovely friend, I had to take a very long, very smelly, very rubbish filled bus, which made me think 'No. No, I could live without this MOST easily. In fact, this makes me think we should have invented instantaneous travel through space or time already. Or I should learn to drive maybe.'

These little thoughts made me decide to make some lists for your reading pleasure (and also so you know what to put in my path and what to steer me clear of, should the opportunity ever arise.)

Things that make me squee with delight

  • Bread. With real butter. I don't care if it makes me fat, I want it, and I want it now.
  • Videos of naughty kittens.
  • Videos of baby sloths.
  • Videos of slow lorris' being tickled.
  • When my cat comes and looks at me and tries to talk. ('Yaaaawwwww' 'what's that benji?' 'Yaaaaaaawwww', 'you want to do what?' 'Yaaaaaaaawwwww' 'Who's in the well?' 'YAAAAAAWWWWW' 'Oh right, you want food')
  • Pulpy Anne Rice style novels that I have to hide under more intellectual book covers.
  • Ben Elton books.
  • Top Gear (but don't tell my brother or dad)
  • When my mum takes me shopping round Primark and pays for it (Heaven!)
  • The smell of turf in Ireland. Ditto Tayto crisps, red lemonade and watching The Rose of Tralee.
  • Diet coke on tap with ice.
  • Minstrels and cheese and onion McCoys. 
  • Seeing my lovely lovely friends. I have a number of different 'groups', all of which are wonderful. There's  The College Group who are very bohemian and awesome and who I adore so much I could see them every day, but we all live in different corners of London, so our meet ups are somewhat rare. But when we do meet up, it's always so epic you could write novels about it. We go to Eastbourne a lot, and once to Dunster. And there are lots of cultured museum trips with dressing up. There's The Oldies who are my oldest friends, one from primary school, one from high school and a friend from my old neighbourhood who I have known since she was 2 and I was 5. We're a very odd bunch and on first viewing shouldn't really have much in common but for some reason we've really stuck and have regular pub meet ups where we laugh about our lives and gossip about everyone we know and some people we don't. It's a chilled, no pressure environment with lots of fond memories. There's The Huttonites who are the people I lived with at uni (and 2 girls I didn't live with but who we adopted because they were too fantastic to let leave the flat). I spent the three most emotionally frantic years of my life with these guys and they're genuinely like my family. Some live in Kent, some in Sussex, some in surrey and some are just plain MIA at the moment, but we know although we don't get to see each other very often at all, we will always be in each others lives, because we couldn't live without one another! There's The T:24 bunch who were people I met through the drama soc at uni; possibly the strangest, funniest, sweetest group of people in the world, who I have been so drunk with I have had to block out many memories, but the ones remaining are fantastic. They're people that have truly educated me about theatre and the arts, better teachers than any of my lecturers! And finally there's the new lot, The Drama Schoolies who are still pretty new to me. Drama school wasn't the easiest place to make friends for me to be honest, there's something about the vibe there that made me pretty socially pathetic, maybe it was having to have my emotions on my sleeve the whole time. But I have met some very cool people there, who I will definitely keep in touch with. I find that the longer I am away from drama school, the more friendly I have become, the more I actually want to talk to my friends from drama school and the more I really miss them! Luckily, I've been able to work with a number of them on projects since leaving, huzzah! Gosh, this post ended up being longer than expected. On to the next point!
  • Rimini (a really nice pizza place near me that I go to a lot with The College Group)
  • Awful trash tv (e.g. Maury, Made in Chelsea, The Only Way is Essex, One born every minute,The Hotel)
  • David Lynch films
  • Mother of pearl
  • Antique furniture
  • Vintage fashion
  • Ikea
  • Losing weight (obvo)
  • Dyeing my hair (and my god, it literally is dying with every colour)
  • Film nights with my family (particularly horrors, because then my mum squeaks amusingly)
  • Making my godson smile (no mean feat, he is a very serious baby who disproves of grown up malarkeys)
  • Gossip
  • Ian Banks books
  • Comedic feminist poetry 
  • Bette Davis films
  • Brightly coloured shoes
  • My bed.
  • Phone calls from people I haven't seen in ages
  • Phone calls offering me parts in films
  • Scripts that get me excited about acting
  • Compliments that are well aimed 
  • That advert with the polar bear in the freezer (I really REALLY want one)
  • Seeing my dad a bit pissed and trying to hide it 
Some things that make me pull a messy sort of face in fury

  • Alsations and German Shepards (I got attacked by one when I was a kid and have never forgiven the entire breed)
  • Parsnip (It pretends to be potato, then tastes all bitter. Unforgivable.)
  • Beetroot (It's smug)
  • Expensive clothing that I can't afford but really really want.
  • Muggers and that chav that stole my handbag
  • Jersey Shore
  • Tory MPs
  • When my mum interferes in my cooking (which she often does. To get her back, I often interfere in hers)
  • My room being messy (as it often is)
  • Losing things (often because of the above)
  • My boyfriend pretending to be angry with me (It's never amusing)
  • When my brother used my loo and leaves strange smells behind
  • Diva behaviour 
  • Teenagers playing tinny music on their phones on the bus and for that matter
  • Buses
  • Tfl
  • Nationwide's terrible treatment of anyone with an overdraft
  • Halifax losing my bank card and then my pin number
  • Daddy long legs
  • Salmon
  • People eating tuna sarnies on the train (come on, they smell!)
  • People not offering me seats on the train, especially when I'm pretending to be pregnant (I do a great impression of a pregnant woman, how dare they!)
  • Calories
  • The price of learning to drive, and subsequently, driving
  • Not being able to sunbathe in late May.
Well....that took a fair while. Anyway, just to change the subject, here is a link to a chap called Richie's website   He's just released a single called Holiday Romance and I was an extra in the background! I'm barely visible in it, but if you keep a beady eye out, you might catch glimpses of me dancing etc. Anyway, it's a very good song, he's in talks with Universal and you can buy the single on Itunes, so please go ahead and do so! 

On that musical note Reader,
Goodnight and tally ho!

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