By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Well versed in currant events

Reader, while at work, I only have access to a small, limited selection of websites (this is probably to stop me spending hours writing blogs instead of attempting to sell wine, which, let's be honest, is what I would probably do, between stalking people on facebook and browsing All Saints online) so I only really get access to things like The Daily Mail and The Guardian. Now, both are quite good for different things. The Guardian, obviously, for it's fantastic news stories that tend to at least attempt to avoid too much bias and the Ottolenghi and Jay Rayner blogs, then The Daily Mail for Liz Jones (adore her and her neurotic ways), stodgy recipes and the hilarious problem pages (which are like reading Bunty and Girl Talk only for grown ups). However, after a while I do get very very bored. You see there is only so much on those sites that one can read without getting angry about stereotyping or very very hungry from all the food references. That and I'm a fast reader so by 2pm, I'll have snapped up anything new and will be re-reading about this seasons new must-visit places that I can't afford for the millionth time and will be drooling into my keyboard.

Saying that, I am now surprisingly knowledgeable. I mean, I used to watch the news before (sort of, if it was on in the break between Family Guy and SATC) but I never really absorbed it. Whereas today I found myself having a conversation about phone hacking and crime rates in London and I actually knew what I was talking about. I didn't have to bulls***! Huzzah! Although, saying that, media is of course subjective so I was basically just passing on their opinion of what may or may not have happened, but EVEN SO! I felt proud. The other thing today that happened was that someone stopped me and asked me about my Drama School experience, then told me that they always thought Drama School girls were anorexically skinny, but then they met me and 'well, you're hardly wasting away are you'? At first I was a bit affronted, but actually, I'm chuffed. If I don't look like I'm starving myself with an unhealthy diet, surely that's a good thing? Yes, there are people at drama schools who are unhealthily slim, and it is very easy to get wrapped up in that whole image obsessed, let's-not-eat-sugar-today bollocks but frankly it's not normal and I've never come across a director who said 'well, you're perfect for the role and you did a great audition, but you're a size 10-12 and that's way too fat'. It's bollocks. Now I'm not suggesting go off and get obese on pizza and milkshakes, but having some toast for breakfast won't kill you. Nor will using butter.Just don't go mad either way!

Easier said than done, I realise, but a girl can dream eh? Just wait till next time I talk about the diet I'm on, what an utter hypocrite I am eh?
Oh well, 
Night for now Reader!

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