By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Chubby ancestors...

Reader, I read an interesting thing on the Guardian website at work the other day. It said that English people are genetically more likely to be fat than Japanese people. I read this and thought 'now hang on just a second...why's that then? Seems awfully unfair to me!' and apparently it's because our ancestors needed to eat loads of carbs because they had to keep warm in the rain and snow, whereas in Japan, because the general temperatures are much higher, they didn't need as much body fuel. So now, years later, when we have things like central heating and jumpers from TK Maxx, we still run to fat quite quickly and have a pre-disposition to carby foods like potatoes and bread. Well, nice to have something to blame I suppose, but it does annoy me a bit to think that rather than some slim, willowy creature of yore, my heritage probably comes from some obese farmer shaped like a bull standing on it's hind legs. Good stuff. I'm feeling quite motivated today, so I'm back on the diet wagon, trying to defy my genes. Have managed to do lots of very pro-active things like emailing people who are being brimming with knowledge and motivation like this awesome TV director friend of the family I've been in talks with, my mentor who's fresh off the stage from Bette and Joan (which likely means I won't hear back from her for ages. Slight problem with having a famous mentor-they're constantly in demand!) and the production manager of the film I'm doing (asking her with a slight air of desperation if we'll ever get the rest of the financing to finish the film as I really would like to change my-now straggly and badly coloured-hair). I'm also about to spend a frankly shocking amount of money on headshots. I used to get them from Jessops but have had some requests from interesting people so thought, 'well, I'd better actually get them printed all proper like' only, now they're more than a pound a picture, and I need to get about 80. Dear lord. Seeing as I've already spent about £80 on my new passport this week, I can kiss my most recent paycheck goodbye. *le sigh*. It's a good think I don't pay rent, because if I did, they'd already have chucked me out for no payments.

Saying that, paying for my passport felt very grown up. I no longer get financial handouts from the parents, I pay for my own passport and I finally paid off my overdraft. I do feel secure that I'm not quite a grown up yet though, seeing as I still live with the parents and haven't got round to putting my phone in my name yet, but even so-progress!

What else has been going on? Well I made some awesome cupcakes the other day. Most were chocolate with vanilla buttercream icing, but a couple had banana buttercream with walnut. They're going down very well. So well in fact, that I'm having to hide them from myself, lest my arse grows in size any more.

And on that bum note, I shall be off, to order those headshots!
Tarrah chaps

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