By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Monday, 13 June 2011

So many bags under my eyes I look like Heathrow's arrivals lounge...

Dear Reader, I must apologise about the long break between blogs (it hasn't actually been that long, but I've got so used to writing practically every other day that I feel guilty when I leave it a while) but I am utterly exhausted. It's been a very jam packed, but very good week. Work's going well (I keep winning bottles of wine, much to the delight of my parents who are drinking them delightedly), I have some brilliantly interesting auditions coming up (Including one for a tv series, eep!), I'm doing a film on Sunday, the boyfriend is moving in next week (surveys tip of a room with a little concern) and all is well. Apart from the bone aching exhaustion that is. I spent the last week dashing round like a mad thing, cleaning the house, organising cutlery and music, trying to assemble an outfit that wasn't too daring or so frumpy it made me look like princess Anne, baking two cakes, going to work, had the christening (plus 100 or so family members in the garden all at once...argh!), followed swiftly to a trip to Surrey for my old housemate's engagement party, got wildly drunk (surprisingly easy on very little sleep and an empty tummy), missed train to London so stayed in Surrey on said housemate's floor, got up at 7.15 next morning to go back to London (whilst trying hardest not to vomit on christening/engagement party dress), went to help friend do her holiday shopping (in most dreaded place in the world Brent Cross, during rush hour for shoppers, hate hate hate) and then finally collapsed in a heap of knackeredness.

So now, I resemble a blob of lard with panda eyes and a tendency towards hysterics. (I cried last nigh because I couldn't reach my lamp and then today I nearly vommed from laughing so hard at a workmate. The work mate hadn't even done anything that funny.)

Which is why this is a short blog. I'll bring you more as soon as I'm more awake!
Love to all!

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