By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Thursday, 16 June 2011

One track mind.

I am tired at the moment Reader, which is not good news for my weight, despite my newfound love of running. Why? Because when I'm tired, no food is safe. Carbs fear me. Cheese hides in the fridge door, trembling at the sight of my gaping mouth. Chocolate factory workers go on strike, complaining that they just can't keep up with the demand. My bed is constantly grainy with toast crumbs. It's like I've taken on all the eating of those who now have gastric bands.

Here is a list of the foods I've dreamt about today at work:

  • Snickers bars. At least 5 of them.
  • McCoys Cheese and Onion crisps
  • Real bloomer loaf with real butter
  • Chips
  • Dahl with rice
  • An entire Dominos pizza
  • Beans on toast with cheese
  • Deep fried brie
  • mashed potatoes with gravy and Linda McCartney sausages
  • Veggie haggis (it exists)
  • Potato smiley faces
  • Caramel galaxy
  • Skips
  • Toast with jam
  • Honey nut cornflakes
  • Pancakes with syrup
  • Veggie burgers
  • A peanut butter and blueberry sundae
  • Potato waffles
  • Nutella
I am so so obsessed by food. And baths. I dream all day of soaking in a hot bath with a mouth full of toast and lucozade and maybe someone giving me a back massage. It's been a frantic week and it's not looking to get any slower! However, I got my payslip and I actually made commission this week which is awesome. Maybe I can pay to have someone massage me and feed me toast and lucozade as I bathe? Are there people who do that? Am struggling not to spend all my money in one go, I would love to treat myself to one of the small luxuries I've denied myself for such a long time, like a new outfit or even, GASP, a facial! 

What I'd really like would be for someone to treat me to an all inclusive holiday in the sun with general spa stuff. Erm.....mysterious millionaire benefactor? Uh....hello?

Anyway, it's late and I've got another day at work tomorrow (must make commission! I've caught the bug!) so I'm off to bed. Possibly with toast.
Love and bisous Reader!

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