By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Reader, I come to you today a far happier being. It seems that the 'full fat diet' that my mum has me on is working, because I am in a frankly delightful mood despite a summer cold, a 6.10am rise, sore feet and the prospect of work tomorrow. Is this all it takes to cheer up? Eating full fats and roasted seed mixes sprinkled liberally on everything? Well, whatever it is, I certainly approve. Onward!

I feel it would be a little churlish to avoid mentioning the strange and wonderful weather we've been having of late. Blaring sun, thunder and lightning and air that's so thick it's like walking through soup? This isn't England, surely? Have we all been transported overnight to Spanish waters, as a ploy by the Government to distract us from the economic depression? It's working if that is indeed the case. You win this time. One thing I'm not so keen on are the swarms of storm ants who seem to have taken over the world. The Metro said it's like a massive one night stand for the ants. How dare they? Come to my garden and have a massive orgy. That's shocking! If I did it, I'd be arrested! How is it ok for storm ants to go and create shag piles all over the place? What do they even do? Are they useful in some way? Are they normal ants for 10 months of the year but over the 2 potentially hot ones they grow wings and post adverts for 'fun, friendship and maybe more' in the back pages of The Sun?

Just asking.

Went for a costume fitting today for a period film I might be doing a bit of supporting actor work on *think extra work, only one step up* and was amazed by how many people of all shapes and sizes were there. Literally no two looked the same. It was like they'd gone 'one of each of every type of person please!' and then squished them all in the Spotlight building to get their waist measurements written down (I am slightly sore, since the very nice woman who took mine did not measure the smallest part of my waist so made it sound like I am enormously fat. I am definitely not.) Very good larks though, and will be great if I get to do the job, which would mean lots of lovely money in September (HUZZAH!) not earned sitting in front of a computer selling wine.

Right, I'm off, my room's a tip, so better make it habitable before The Lad returns!
From a much better mooded

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