By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Forgetting that I'm lazy....

Oh Reader, this morning, after my run, I was hit by a sudden revelation: If people do not remind me to work then I forget that I have to. This blog is a perfect example. When I got back from Ireland, I had to get 5 messages asking when the next blog would be before I remembered that it was something that I should really be doing regularly. Acting is the same thing. I keep forgetting that it's one of those things that you have to keep putting work into for it to work. It's all too easy for me to go, 'well I'm waiting to get that one last bit of film for my showreel, so I'll just wait for it, hum tee hum' and then do nothing for ages. In this case, because I'm trying to do lots of very boring admin stuff to put on a play in a few months, I keep thinking that I don't need to do anything else to further my career. Which is, quite frankly, BALLS. Because that's the thing with being an actor, you need to constantly be working at it and looking for auditions. And I keep using the fact that I'm waiting on one bit of film to not do that. I mean, yeah, I don't want to write to agents without a showreel to present to them, but I could be at least trying to get some filming done of my own! I've had a script sitting by my bed for ages that I've wanted to film, an application form to The Actor's Centre and emails to write to my mentor that I've been putting off because of sheer laziness.

So now I feel the need to be super organised, but that's the problem with having a job, you don't have the necessary time to go with it! I feel like I need a full three days, with someone who knows how to organise stuff, to sort out my life a bit. A working holiday. But if I'm not working, I'm not earning. And if I'm not earning then I'm going to have serious difficulty paying my phone bill, so I won't be able to organise my life! And the circle of life continues.

Of course, that in itself is just a massive excuse. Let's face it Reader. I am a lazy cow. Is there a pill for that?

So what else has been going on of late? I've been trying to find a Theatre for a show that I'm hopefully doing this year. This morning I have called 5 separate people. One laughed at me when they heard I was looking for a cheap space in November. I had a lovely bank holiday weekend, during which I got very drunk and subsequently very hungover, then had tea with my grandparents. I watched the film Limitless and got very jealous (I want a pill that makes me all motivated and smart!) then proved how much I need said pill by telling The Lad that I was the opposite of that, Limitful. ('Uh....don't you mean limited?')

Right, on that note Reader, I have to dash off to work!
Wine wine wine

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