By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Working woman

Oh god Reader, I am petrified. Why? Because after one day of looking for a job, I have a trial shift tomorrow at my local pub/posh food place. Now, you may think that this, rather than being cause for terror, is actually exciting and rather positive news. You would be wrong.

It is scary! And nerve-inducing! And stuff...

You see, I didn't exactly expect to just get offered a trial shift just like that. I have no real experience, we're in an economic downturn and it was only the 2nd CV I'd handed out. I was thinking 'Hmmm, at least now I'll feel like I've done something and I can be all smug while I sit at home watching the Living channel and dreaming of accepting a Bafta from a smiling Colin Firth'. But no. Instead, I have been thrust fully into the world of work and I have got my panic on. Here are my reasons for feeling the fear.

1) I am a terrible, terrible waitress. I will most likely drop things. I will forget orders and maybe even give someone with allergies a peanut based meal.
2) I can't pull a pint. I also have no knowledge of beer or wine, because I stick to spirits and old woman sugar saturated drinks like Baileys and Amaretto. It is a pub. Oh dear.
3) I have yet to tell them that I can only work evenings during the week due to school and trying to get acting work. And that I can't do most of the next 3 weekends. Oh dear.
4) I have to wear all black formal/casual. What is formal/casual anyway? I mean seriously, the black thing covers most of my wardrobe anyway so that I can deal with but formal/casual? Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron? Should I wear my Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress with trainers? Je suis confused.
5) I am terrible at dealing with bosses. Actually AWFUL. They make me feel like a naughty school child. Which makes 1) happen all the more often!

So yes, I am very very nervous. I wish there was something else I could do at night. I considered maybe working at a theatre in London then realised all of my wage would go on travel. I already babysit but it's too infrequent. If I don't get this job then maybe I'll apply at the local cinemas (although they are SO badly run it makes me angry whenever I go to see a film there, which is surprisingly often).

Oh well, at least if I get too nervy I'll be near the booze. Unconscious on my first night? Joy!

Wish me luck!

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