By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Guess what Reader? I'm VLOGGING now! If you haven't heard of vlogging, it's a filmed version of a blog and if you go on YouTube and look up people like KatersOneSeven, Anna Akana and Jenna Marbles you'll generally get the jist of the sort of thing I'll be doing.

At the moment I am pretty awful. Although I write fairly eloquently, I rarely think before I speak, so I trip over my words and repeat myself a whole bunch and sound vaguely like a simpleton in the vlogs. Plus, I'm only just learning how to edit. Warning-these may take some time to be that interesting!

However, if you want to watch, please do, and subscribe, comment and like the videos so far!

Don't worry, I'll still be blogging as well, just slightly less often-while I work out the whole vlogging thang.

Tarrah Chaps!

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