By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

(Hand) making a home...

Reader, I've done well on the acting front this year. I've been able to pay off half a year's worth of council tax, haven't been late on a bill yet and I've even invested in some driving lessons! However, I'm not exactly into the big bucks yet. Which is why I tend to do a lot of crafting and live my life by 'mend and make do'.

I'm currently using old pillowcases and shirts to make bunting for our living room! To be fair, I've also been drinking some of the delicious blueberry vodka my uncle's lovely fiancee' Julia brought over for us as a housewarming gift, so they're turning out ever so slightly wonky, but still. BUNTING. I also hand made most of our Christmas decorations this year! I still say they were a raging success, despite the fact that anything I make with a face turns out slightly evil looking, so our tree had a slightly posessed theme. And now I'm getting a bit better on Bellatrix the sewing machine, I might even have a go at clothes! I found a great pin for how to make a pretty 50's dress, but I think I'll need a bit of practice before I get that far...

Our flat is also rather bad at keeping in heat, so our bedroom windows are covered in bubble wrap to keep us warm (it doesn't look great, but at least we can't see our own breath any more). But the problem is, crafting is a bit compulsive. I want to run before I can walk (and for a girl who trips up when she's walking, that might be a bit of an issue). I see things on Pinterest that look fabulous and assume I'd be able to make them, but given that sewing a hem is tricky at the moment, I'm not that convinced-worth a try though!

Over Christmas, my skills at handmaking things came in quite handy. The uncles and aunts got home made fudge, my godson got a dinosaur pillow (design idea slightly stolen off someone selling them for £45 on Etsy) and my wrapping was hands down the prettiest under the tree. I even did a craft swap with my unofficial Italian fairy godmother Anna, who got my wheat free pudding in exchange for heavenly smelling dried orange and cinnamon sticks (and who is a fantastic craftswoman herself! I'm just about to have some of her home made jam with cheese and oatcakes! Buy some of her brilliant work and some Moroccan finds here: )

Right, I'm going back to my wonky bunting. If anyone has ideas for great homey things to make, post in the comments below!


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