By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Monday, 11 April 2011

This week I shall be mainly hiding under my bed.

Oh Reader, this week has been what can only be described as a pile of utter pus ridden wank.

It all started last Thursday, on the day of mine and the Lad's 2nd anniversary. Off we went to Camden, where we had lunch, then we skipped like weird 50s cartoon characters to Angel and Islington where we decided to take advantage of the deliciously gorgeous weather and sit outside the pub with our wonderful friend Ian to have some cocktails (I practically never drink, so am slightly concerned that what happened next is punishment from the gods). I had just settled down with my Sex on The Beach and passed Ian the other cocktail I got for free (it was 2 for 1, but I made a bad choice on my second. Note to self; amaretto and whiskey are not friends), I put my bag back on the table and slotted myself into the wooden bench, and was just about to reach for my bag when I was aware of a sudden blur of cyclist going far too close to our table. 'CAREFUL!' I yelled, thinking 'What a twat' when I noticed Ian was chasing said cyclist, who not only had his tee shirt pulled over his head but was also holding my bag in his hand. Unfortunately, Ian was not as fast as the cyclist, and my bag vanished. Along with my glasses, passport, diary, Oyster card, entire make up kit and 25 quids worth of Topshop vouchers that I had been planning to spend that day. A speedy phone call to the police later and I was sitting in the back of a panda car, a slightly worried looking officer who looked too young to be true trying to calm me down (I think they were worried I was going to faint I was crying so hard), and the other one trying to figure out what I was saying underneath all the snot. They drove me round for a while but to no avail (Although at one point they did question a man who had a similar sort of top to the chav on the bike, who turned out to be a slightly paunchy man playing with his kids). Meanwhile, The Lad and Ian had been patiently waiting (and getting loads of 'advice' from a homeless man, who vanished as soon as the police showed up). Luckily my lovely dad showed up and saved the day by getting me a train ticket home, and The Lad arranged to go in later at work the next day so he could come and look after me. Needless to say, the next couple of days were not exactly joyful, as they have been full of trying to replace my make up, cancelling cards, reporting things stolen and being scared of people on bikes.
There was also a very cringe moment where I went to the bank and kicked up a fuss about those nasty robbers stealing money from my account....only to realise that actually, I'm just really skint.

But I recovered, after all, who could be sad when the sun was so beautiful right? And on Sunday, I had my first day off in an age!

Reader, I got heat exhaustion and spent 5pm onwards in bed with my legs elevated and a cool flannel on my face, trying not to vomit.

But that's fine, because today was filming for a music video with a great concept, which was loads of fun! Until I got a phone call half way through that is, to tell me that I was being let go from my telephone charity fundraising job because I couldn't convince enough pensioners to give me their money.  Luckily, my cat sympathised and came to give me affection when I got home, only he got too close and now my allergies have kicked in and my eyes are hidden behind a layer of pure puffiness.

So not a great week as weeks go. But some nice things have happened. I have been made my Cousin's Godmother, which is VERY exciting, I recorded my voice reel, I've been with my boyfriend for two years, I made a flippin awesome music video with a great bunch of people and I got to sit in my garden without a coat for the first time in months!

Well, Reader, keep your fingers crossed that next week is much better eh? More of the good stuff needed!

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