By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Shock shock horror horror


So, ever since I can remember, I've loved horror films. I mean, what's not to love? They make you jump and giggle, give you an excuse to hide in the nearest boy's armpit (Ok, that can sometimes be a negative) and bring the whole family together! The first one I remember watching was Alien, which I guess is borderline sci-fi/horror. Funnily enough though, it's always the ones about kids that scare me most. I suppose there's just something innately creepy about children! Tonight's film was no exception. We watched 'The Unborn' as a family, a film mainly about children being possessed, all starting with a babysitter alone in a house with a really freaky child. Now I actually AM a babysitter (great perks like free chocolate and all the Lego you could ever wish for) and it's true, when the kids are in bed, I CONSTANTLY get freaked out. The girls I look after are adorable, one is three and the other is six and they're the most affectionate, well behaved children in the neighbourhood. But the thought of them coming at me with a knife is scaaary.

Children are utterly terrifying because they hide behind their innocence, and see the world in a very black and white kind of way. Unlike grown ups, kids find it difficult to rationalise a good person doing a bad thing or visa versa, you're either a goodie or a baddie and that's that. So can you imagine if all of a sudden, they decided that you were a baddie? I remember being a kid and setting up boobie traps for monsters. Imagine if you were some lodger that I had decided was a vampire? You might end up setting off one of my trip wires and quite badly injuring yourself! Because children see hurting a baddie as being a good thing, so if they decide you're the baddie...


Like I said, children? Scary.

In other news, haven't dissected that heart yet, will keep you updated on how that one goes! Also, tomorrow is my Uncles's 50th, which means a huge family meal. I come from Irish Catholic stock, which means my family spans 30 people and growing quickly, so when we have a family meal, it usually entails having to practically book he entire eaterie. My long suffering boyfriend comes from a tiny family in comparison, it's taken him months to start getting used to the huge effort that goes into family meet ups. But he's coping admirably and even remembers everyone's names! My family is very important to me, my grandparents helped raise me and have had a huge influence on my upbringing, my aunts and uncles have always been there, we're a dysfunctional lot but there's a lot of love there underneath the arguing and guilt tripping (What can I say, we're catholic!).

And on that cheese drenched note, I'm off to bedfordshire!


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