By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Things that go through my head at 3.29am...

Reader, it is 3.29am and I am still awake. There are a number of reasons for this. I had a nap today that ended up being a bit too long, I drank too much diet coke too late, I ate too much cheese and now have heartburn, I'm excited about a script idea I had (and then wrote the full script for) and my brain won't shut up. So here is a list of all the things that have been going through my head tonight as I've lain in bed.

Things thunk.

  • Maaaaan I shouldn't have eaten so much bad stuff today
  • But all that cheese was tasty. And the giant yorkshire pudding filled with yumminess
  • Although lunch alone was more calories than I should have in a day
  • Why am I thinking about calories? I'll just have a green smoothie day tomorrow
  • Maybe it's the green smoothies giving me heartburn
  • Who do I think I'm kidding? It's the cheese. I wish it wasn't. Bloody Boursin. Being all delicious. 
  • I wonder how I'd look blonde?
  • I wonder how I'd look with blue hair?
  • I should get blue hair
  • Although that might slightly change my casting
  • Let's be honest, I'm not badass enough to be a punk girl
  • Quirky yes, punk, not so much
  • Was that a spider?
  • Nope, just a daddy long legs.
  • Shit. That's annoying. STOP BASHING MY COMPUTER SCREEN.
  • Who would I thank if I won a Bafta?
  • Twelve people and counting
  • I wish I could just wake up tomorrow with a driver's license 
  • I've packed five boxes. Why does my room look messier?
  • Why is there a spoon on my floor?
  • Did I put it there for a reason?
  • Is the spoon there to remind me of something? Like a knot in a hankie? 
  • I wonder if anyone apart from Granddad Ian still uses actual hankies...
  • I'm going to learn how to play the ukulele. 
  • Crap, out of water AGAIN
  • Can't get up, too cosy. Besides, hallways are where the shadow monsters live
  • Damn on the other side of London...
  • I really want some Millionaire's cheesecake
  • No. No more dairy. Poor chest.
  • Dairy is why I'm this curvy. I'm certain. My boobs are this big purely because of Wensleydale and Brie. 
  • I need more boxes
  • How the fuck am I going to get my bed out of the flat? I'll have to dismantle it before it goes to its temporary new home
  • I COULD watch some more Dead Like Me on Netflix...Nah, save it for background noise tomorrow
  • Is it autumn yet? 
  • I'm going to miss all my stuff
  • Need to apply for more work
  • If I had more work I could rent the cutest little studio flat...
  • Or a HOUSE if I lived in Yorkshire
  • But then I'd have to live in Yorkshire. I'd miss the city too much.
  • I bet my brother's awake
  • Best not to call him though
  • But I'm SO BORED.
  • Fuck. Nearly 4am.
  • Maybe I should try and sleep again.
  • I could sleep in a hammock right now
  • Mmmm....hammock....
And with THAT Reader, I feel able to try a doze....Goodnight! (or rather, good morning!)

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