By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Monday, 30 December 2013

New Years Resolutions...

So it's New Years Eve Eve and as such I've come up with a list of resolutions that I think I should probably follow:

  • Step away from the Boursin. You've had more than you can count this year and the addiction is getting out of control (oooh but the herby, cheesy goodness!)
  • Do a feature film, with a nice juicy part-as much as I love doing tv, shorts and theatre (as well as my voice work) I have yet to tick off a feature on the to do list!
  • Work out how to use my sewing machine. At the moment it keeps bunching and it's driving me up the wall!
  • Start vlogging regularly. This may require some work on my editing skills...
  • Enough with the smoking-this year is the year I stop for good.
  • Eat more porridge. I forgot how utterly delicious it is! Started this morning with a bowl made with almond milk, raisins and chopped nuts with manuka honey. Blooming wonderful when there's a gale howling outside!
  • Take some driving lessons (the provisional licence is now officially ordered!)
  • Be the best bridesmaid EVAR at my oldest friend's wedding in July
  • Dance like an idiot more. The many, many weddings I'm going to may help with that
  • Do more stuff that I've never done before
  • Take more risks, plan some adventures
  • Only buy really beautiful underwear. No more primark rubbish, just well structured silks and vintage cuts
  • Be the strong, happy version of myself that I enjoy being the most
  • Enjoy my godson while he's young enough to let me dress him up in stupid outfits and give him big hugs
  • Mentor more young actors
  • Give back to society as much as I can
And the final resolution I did this morning (before January even begins, because I am a resolution GANGSTA)

Become an organ donor. Because I think it's a pretty fantastic thing to be able to save the lives of others through my death, and if I die before my time (as a number of dear people have this year), I'd like my family to know that part of me is still living and helping others in one way or another. If you guys want to make that one of your new years resolutions too, then please please go on, it only takes a minute or two and it could change so many lives. Only something like 31% of UK citizens are signed up-let's make 2014 the year that changes. 

Hope you all have a wonderful NYE and a bloody marvellous 2014!

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