By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


So Reader, for the past couple of days, I have been alone. House sitting. Now, the first night, I freaked out slightly. Couldn't sleep at night because I kept thinking I could hear noises (despite the fact that the house is more secure than Buckingham Palace and I am surrounded by safety conscious neighbors). I ran out of things to do, started talking to the cat in funny accents and did so much crafting that my fingers now look like they have chicken pox from the needle prickles.

Now however, I am loving it. I am taking every night as as solitary sleepover. Films, face packs, popcorn and many hot baths. Singing loudly and out of tune has become a must whilst cooking dinner. Solitude, I have discovered, is very me. Saying that, I have already caved and spent a night back visiting my housemate last night because I missed her too much (living with one of your besties is a committed relationship, you miss them as you would a boyfriend after a while).

One thing that I have come to notice is that my taste in films has definitely got more silly since being single. No longer do I make an attempt to watch a range of genres. Or much in the way of new, edgy films. This week I have chomped my way through The Bachelorette,  My Best Friend's Wedding, SATC2, Dark Shadows and The Cinderella film with Hillary Duff. I can feel my brain cells dying and I am loving it! Next week The Purge and Byzantium are on my list. I've now watched all of The IT Crowd and restarted on American Horror Story. Fantastic.

The cat is very confused by me. He is unimpressed with my singing and my various accents. I dressed him up as an arab cat the other day using a teatowl and a hair band and he glared at me for the rest of the day. I'm not convinced he is enjoying me being his carer quite as much and I am enjoying caring.

In between work (and self pampering) I have been seeing a lot of my grandparents. Today I took my gran out to get her yearly dose of the ENTIRE CLINIQUE COUNTER and as usual she forced cake down my gullet and gave me a talk out of the blue about how 'there is someone out there for everyone, any ye'll find ye'reself a lovely man at some point, ye need someone mature. Maybe someone who's got a house'. My gran is clearly the queen of advice. This is the same woman, who when asked about how she met the love of her life said 'The Eegit stole my handbag'.

Anyway folks, I'm going back to Carrie and the girls and starting to run my bath. Up super duper early tomorrow and it looks to be a busy ass day!

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