By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Reader, I know, I know. You're staring at me and shaking your head with disappointment. I haven't written a new entry in a kazillion years and my last one was all serious-I have LET YOU DOWN. I am writing this from the naughty seat in the corner.

In my defense though, life has been a bit intensely mad this year. It all started with getting booked to do a couple of short films for a channel on SKY. Then was swiftly followed with two shows in London and a break up of my long term relationship. Which was then followed by a trip to Ireland, moving in with one of my best friends and landing a small part in a TV series that I've watched for years. And then the two short films for SKY turned into five short films, one of which I was commissioned to write as well as act in. I haven't had time to have a bath longer than 2.5 minutes for as long as I can remember and I haven't seen a current film at the cinema for about as long. BUT ALL IS WELL.

So life has changed a bit! I lost loads of weight with the whole break up thing (then gained it all back with the whole 'I'M SINGLE, I'M GOING TO GET DRUNK AND EAT ALL OF THE POTATOES' thing), I now live in a sweet little flat (which I can barely afford but love too much to give up), I've spent most of my days on set in my trailer reading and prepping (I showed myself up on the first day of filming by being overheard on the phone to my mum going 'I HAVE MY OWN TRAILER, THIS IS THE BEST'. No cool points at all.) and I'm fully embracing being ginger again (albeit with rather intense roots from filming).

Now that my internet is finally fixed in Bag End (the name given to our flat given that we are alcoholic hobbits) I'll be back blogging a bit more regularly with any luck, so keep your eyes out!
Tarrah for now Reader!

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