By Aislinn De'Ath

By Aislinn De'Ath
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Thursday, 5 April 2012

The hotel inspector...

Reader, I had a wicked time over the past few days. We're back in east anglia for a bit, and we've had a couple of days off from the show, staying in a nice hotel and recharging before the next leg of the tour. The hotel we're staying in is a premiere inn, which I thought would be pretty basic, but compared to our last hotel, It's luxury!

The last one was just outside of Manchester and it made all sorts of grand claims like 'swimming pool' and 'cocktail bar'! The swimming pool was closed due to an 'electrical fault' (god only knows what that means, probably that they couldn't filter out the wee and used plasters or something) the bar didn't even serve diet coke on tap, let alone pina coladas and the whole place smelt of sulphur and cabbage. Add to that a overly sarcastic front desk manager, dirty towels, mad art in the halls that looked like free posters from the local post office, scarily hot showers, old tea left from the previous occupants in the room's teapot and a 7am false fire alarm and essentially we were in faulty towers. Luckily, the new place is clean, quiet and nicely put together so we've had a perfectly chilled few days of watching films, doing face masks and eating rather nice food.

It's felt like a bit of a holiday actually, complete with the obligatory Easter holiday rain and so much pick and mix that we all felt slightly pukey. The holiday's over now though, off to a new venue tonight for the show and then going to a seaside cottage till Tuesday. What a hard life I do live!

Right Reader, I'm off to do a bit of a work out, all those neon sweets I've been munching on are going to do dreadful things for my thighs and I've just brought a (possibly ill advised) pair of high waisted hotpants). Bugger!

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